5th International Education Conference

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Theme: Reconciling Education For Employment And Education For Self Reliance

Education for Employment and Self Reliance is very vital in today’s educational system, Many young graduates are unemployable and dependent on parents and guardians after graduation due to poor educational system. This increases the unemployment rate in the country. It also makes many educational institutions unattractive and a liability to the society. Education should be relevance to the society; it must focus on solving societal problem and work oriented. The purpose of this conference is to set a new agenda on Education for Employment and Self Reliance thus bridge current gap in education system.

The Conference will also provide a framework upon which tenets of education for self-reliance can be applied in today’s education policy formulation and design of practical-oriented education systems in Africa developing economies


  1. Reconciling Education For Employment Vs Education For Self Reliance
  2. The New Face of Education: Creativity, Innovation and Practice.
  3. The Role of the Education Managers in setting agenda for Education
  4. Adapting Curriculum for employment and self reliance
  5. Education for today’s Work Orientation
  6. Education for Innovation and Problem Solving
  7. Brainstorming and research for curriculum development
  8. The Relevant Education in our Society today


This Conference is non-residential. Participants are to lodge in hotels of their choice near the Training centre. A list of these Hotels will be provided on request.